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  1. Other Honda Hybrids Discussion
    I’ve got an 09 Honda Civic hybrid, and it’s problems. My IMA light is constantly on, (bad hybrid battery), my VSA light and ! light are on, and my car has decided to begin jerking when accelerating at least once during a trip the last few days. VSA I’ve noticed comes on during a turn, but it...
  2. Problems and Troubleshooting
    Here's what worked for me: I started by clearing any CVT codes - disconnect the 12v battery for 10 minutes, then re-connect battery If you need to change your CVT fluid and filter, do the burnishing procedure first. Burnishing procedure (smooths the surfaces between the pulleys and the belt)...
  3. Problems and Troubleshooting
    So I recently purchased an 02 CVT and was driving perfectly fine for a month commuting 110miles a day and was averaging roughly 52mpg. But recently when trying to maximize mpg with as light as throttle I can go, the car has start jerking when at the 19-25mph, 36-39mph, and 48-50mph range. It...
1-3 of 3 Results