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  1. WTB - K-swap engine mounts for 2002 Insight

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    Hi! So, I got a very cherry 2002 insight, running, with a new battery, from my old employer. I am a network/software engineer, and was at that time the technical director of a startup that sold cars online. I got it from my boss for $1000 USD and drove it 30 miles home with no issues. I have...
  2. k24 swapped insight Driving Project auction to start soon

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    im running a few ads for this car on instagram, but when they finish in the next week or so, i will switch the ebay sale from "buy it now" to "Auction" so ppl can start bidding. car starts, runs, is a completely done kswap with a k24 block and k20a2 head but the head needs work. currently...
  3. FS: K20a Insight $10,900

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    SOLD I'm shocked anyone attempted to haggle me on the price. I swear to god you could offer a car like mine for free and some people would argue that they should be paid for taking it. Anyway it is S O L D. Gone. Off the market. You snooze, early bird yada yada nothing more remote than one...
  4. New member saying hi with my 2000 Insight

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    Hi everyone. As of a few days ago i purchased a 2000 Honda Insight off Craigslist. It has a little over 160k and is in great exterior and interior condition. Only catch is the engine is dead. The owner told me his wife was driving on the freeway when the engine just stopped. He had the car towed...
  5. Hi everyone. 00 Red Honda Insight.

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    Hi everyone. Long time lurker, just wanted to say hi and post the insight I just bought yesterday. Long story short the guy had the car parked for two years after the engine just shut off while driving on the freeway. He didn't dive to deep into figuring out what caused it but was told it was...