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  1. Modifications and Technical Issues
    Hello everyone. I've been looking into upgrading my dinky factory headlights to LEDs and of course that means retrofitting projector housings. Now I haven't retrofitted headlights since high school, so I'm not wise to which of the current options are best. I looked at a few threads here but they...
  2. Honda Insight Forum 2nd-Gen Discussion
    2010 insight Hi, all I need some help with two things! So some douche bag broke my rear passenger vent window ( the super small one that's left & on the right side passenger windows) and I'm broke and want to replace it myself. I can buy the window for like 60$ I just need help finding a guide...
  3. Modifications and Technical Issues
    First off the good news, you can have LED brake lights, I do. The bad news, it isn't super easy. The problem is while we do have 7443 sockets, we don't have standard ones, we have CK type sockets. While this doesn't matter with incandescent bulbs it matters with LEDs. If you plug standard...
  4. Honda Insight on eBay, CarGuru, BAT, Craigs, etc
    Found this on eBay, just purchased a set. Honda Insight LED Interior Lights
1-4 of 4 Results