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  1. bradleyb's LTO Conversion

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    After having a barely-to-non-functional IMA for the last several years, and reading so many great discussions here about the relative ease, stability, and affordability of LTO conversions using Honda Fit EV cells, I took the plunge. It's functional now as I write this post, but still a work in...
  2. Lithiated Insight

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    So I had a little discussion with my boss today, just theorizing, about how we could make a battery pack for an Insight (I work for a large battery company). 3.6v max cell voltage, 2.5v or so min cell voltage, LiFePO4. A 51 series, 1 parallel configuration would give us 183.6v-ish max...
  3. Leaf battery sourcing and modification

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    For background info, the plan right now is to use modified Nissan Leaf cells as the default lithium battery for Linsight. On a side note, I'm really excited for the future because as more EVs come to market, prices will drop and our options will increase. To get the ball rolling, a few issues...
  4. HCH1 upgrade

    Modifications and Technical Issues
  5. My first Honda Insight / Supplemental Li-Ion 18650 cell pack

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    This week I bought my very first 2001 Insight! I have been wanting this car for many years, due to it being well engineered and a stick shift hybrid... (Automatic/CVT is no fun and too damn expensive when it fails) It has 65,000 miles on it and the Ni-Mh battery pack seems to still be in good...