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  1. 2002 Honda Insight For Sale

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    The Bumblebee Batteries brand Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) battery is new and was installed 2/23/2020 and the Optima Yellow Top deep cycle battery was installed 10-2019. The Bumblebee IMA battery is warrantied for 1 year and the Optima includes a 3 year warranty with free replacement. The car...
  2. 71k 2005 Insight driven for months without knowing of frame damage. Need to sell.

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    FOR SALE: Anyone in the market for a Sliver 05 Insight w/ 71k? The "good" (It's been well cared for, engine and transmission are great. Body has a few blemishes. No other notable problems except..) "the bad," starting with the frame which was damaged when I went up and onto a parking lot...
  3. Selling 2004 Insight CVT

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    Hi, I am selling my 2004 Red CVT with 107,000 miles, new rear shocks with 2" drop, satin black roof wrap, and charger, discharger. Im going to post it to ebay soon but wanted to share here first with my fellow Insighters. Unable to post pic yet but will post ebay link soon. Battery ~6 years...
  4. 2002 Silver MT 79K, newer IMA; brand new tires [*AS-IS*]

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    $1,000 OBO Pics available by email - I don't have enough other posts to include, or you could look at imgur album ggp4V Des Moines, IA The Good: This was my daily driver for a couple years. Brand new tires. I just took it in to have the brakes done (new front; resurfaced rear). All 4 tires are...
  5. 2000 Insight for sale, one owner, 97000 miles, California

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    Hi all, I've checked this site over the years of ownership of my car, and found many helpful discussions. Now with a new baby (needing a third seat) it's finally time to sell. I've got a post on craigslist ( but would like it to go to a...
  6. '01 Automatic 1st Gen, IMA light, 28mpg

    MPG Issues
    So my IMA light came on a few days ago, and did a bypass so the IMA wouldn't kill the 12v like it had previously done. When I drive it, it's tough to manage 30+, but it has been averaging nearly 28-26 mpg. I hate complaining about it since it is still great amongst cars today, but with everyone...
  7. 2001 Blue Insight for Sale-70k miles-Clean-Portland,Oregon

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    Pictures and all info on craigslist page. HONDA INSIGHT 2001 - LOW MILES RARE BLUE COLOR
  8. 2003 Insight $7500 - Original Owner

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    If you've been looking for a low miles 2003 Insight, you just found a great one: Pros: -76,550 miles -Original owner, well cared for -Brand new main battery pack (warranty replacement in February) Cons: -Dent near driver side rear wheel well. The car was parked and someone backed into the...
  9. Insight chugs and won't maintain a level smooth speed

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    My 2001 Insight with 200k miles and manual trans has developed a problem that feels like it's starving out - it chugs and surges when keeping even steady state throttle pressure. It accelerates fine and strong, but steady speeds it always stutters. This happens mostly at surface street speeds...