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  1. Modifications and Technical Issues
    After having a barely-to-non-functional IMA for the last several years, and reading so many great discussions here about the relative ease, stability, and affordability of LTO conversions using Honda Fit EV cells, I took the plunge. It's functional now as I write this post, but still a work in...
  2. Modifications and Technical Issues
    I feel like this topic needs a thread of its own. I have seen some safety problems, have experienced some of my own, and have heard of other possible issues. I will add more as time goes on, but these are my initial thoughts. The LTO packs, consisting of 2 subpacks in standard configuration...
  3. Modifications and Technical Issues
    I've lost track. How many conversions, executed or planned, do we have at this point? Executed LTO: 1. insightbuyer, 84 cells, NY 2. jime, 72 cells, VA 3. Atheos, 60 cells, TN 4. prototypist, 72 cells 5. Lenweise, 72 cells 6. slociviccoupe, cells 7. gts8650, 84 cells, NC 8. psifreak, 72 cells...
1-3 of 3 Results