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  1. Manual Transmission stiff, won't budge

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    2001 Insight 5-speed tranny issue. Very stiif shifting, now won't budge: 225,000 miles. Never any problems with this tranny, no grind ever. Tranny fluid changed every 50,000 miles for good luck. About 3 weeks ago it became a little tricky to get into 5th gear, then soon tricky to get into other...
  2. For Sale: '02 Silver, Manual, 190K, #1433 - Colorado, USA

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    SOLD!!! 11/17/18 First and foremost, my username got locked due to changes years ago, so I was also known on this forum as ucffool ( (272,000 users ago) and now have to use this new account. Anyway, family planning has made me part with my...
  3. FS: 2001 Blue MT+AC, 125k mi runs fine with codes

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    Original owner, sad to sell, but I rarely get to drive this now that I have 2 children. Best to contact me by email: danmk1 at gmail dot com - Photos: - 127k miles (was 125K miles) - Original owner...
  4. For sale: 2000 silver 5 speed gas only

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    Asking $1200, will consider all offers. Location: Tallahassee, FL Been my daily driver for 4 years, 3.9 of which has been gas only, no autostop. Still very good mpg, low 60's hwy, low 40's city. Sad to let it go, but my wife is convinced that it's a coffin on wheels and has worn me down after...
  5. 2000 Green MT 225K in NC

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    Only 65K on new battery. Only a few hundred miles on new plugs, coils, cats, o2 sensors, and egr valve. Runs a little rough on lean burn, otherwise fine. Drove it for 15 years, lasted long enough for me to get a fully electric vehicle (Chevy Bolt EV). Asking $1,500.00...
  6. 2000 Insight - New Batteries/Tires - $5999.00!

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    Greetings, I'm selling my 2000 5 Speed Insight. I needed a little bigger car and don't have the room to keep it. This has been a phenomenal car with a lifetime average of 57.8. I have owned it for 4 years and know every piece of the car. The batteries have been replaced with a Hybrid Revolt...
  7. Pinned, then death rattle in 1st

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    Once again I need some expert advice, this time from you manual transmission experts.. I have a wonderful red 2000 Insight, MT, with 200K miles on it. Without making a long story longer: while I was waiting, stopped at a curb, a large, tall and wide SUV turned in on me, taking off my left front...
  8. What is my 2000 Insight worth?

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    I need to part with my beloved 2000 Insight. Silver, 5-speed, 315,600 miles, disconnected IMA Battery Without hybrid boost it runs dependably, but without oomph, MPG averages 40s in Maine winter, low 50s in summer. Tires are worn out, needs work on suspension and emission control, and...
  9. 1st Gen 2003 Silver Insight manual transmission for sale!

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    check out the eBay listing: Honda Insight Base Hatchback 3 Door | eBay
  10. 1st gen 2003 silver Insight mt for sale!

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    Hello! Some of you remember Stephen - he had his IMA battery pack unplugged from the BCM almost 2 yrs ago. It's now time for me to sell the car, sadly. He stopped charging the 12V battery, and i'm not willing to replace the IMA, so... I have the CARFAX report for the car; i'll send it to...
  11. 2000 Insight for sale, one owner, 97000 miles, California

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    Hi all, I've checked this site over the years of ownership of my car, and found many helpful discussions. Now with a new baby (needing a third seat) it's finally time to sell. I've got a post on craigslist ( but would like it to go to a...
  12. Red 2001 Insight manual - cheap as free to a good home - Boston, MA

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    2001 insight free to a good home -- for the low, low price of... you tow it away and do something useful with it. Otherwise free or best offer. Near Boston, MA. I am the formerly-proud owner of this formerly-fine Gen1 Insight. Red. 5spd manual transmission. ~150k miles. Has been parked, unused...
  13. Experiencing issues with my 2001 Insight please help

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    I'm a 17 year old female and my 2001 Honda Insight manual transmission is my first car, although I have had my license and I've been driving cars for 2 years. I purchased this vehicle less than 2 months ago after driving my father's Honda odyssey for a year and loving everything about it besides...
  14. WTB: PCM / Computer

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    ISO a 2000 Insight MT PCM Conway AR 72034
  15. 2000 MT Insight, 160k, Clean 26 service record Carfax, Autocheck 79

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    Hi there. I've been a somewhat longtime lurker of these forums off and on. I finally decided to more seriously look into buying an Insight. Before, I was a young guy that didn't even have the money for a cheap one. I still don't have money, but I need an Insight!! Long story short, I purchased...
  16. Opinions on buying this car/what to look for when testing?

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum, but I've been searching for an insight for a long time! They come on the market every once in a while in MA, so there's no rush to buy, but this one looks compelling: 2000 Honda Insight The price is fair judging by KBB; and the car's exterior/interior look...
  17. Red 2000 insight 5 speed for sale

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    I sold my 2000 Honda insight 3 days after posting on Craigslist. It was on for 3 months with only three inquiries.
  18. manual transmission oil change?

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    My wife has a 2005 with now 47k miles on it. The manual's severe schedule says the oil should be changed every 60k/3 years for the severe schedule. It's not driven severely by any means, but for my 1990 Civic I tended to follow the severe schedule. My question: - is it really ever necessary to...
  19. the 1,2,5 sequence?

    MPG Issues
    Hi, I just bought a 2002 MT insight and was wondering how exactally to execute the shifting pattern with 1st 2nd and right to 5th(other than just doing it ;)), and what are the advantages to doing so? Thanks! Greg