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  1. 2000 Canadian insight

    2000 Canadian insight

    Gsr blades anyone? They're my snow rims and I like them.Will add more when I can. if you live in the Utah valley from provo to ogden and seen one it's probably this one.
  2. Parting out 2 Insights CVT and Manual

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    No battery packs available. The red one has 327102 miles and runs but has a misfire on all cylinders. The Silver one engine condition unknown has around 170k. Have some parts listed on eBay user name jeepfreak25. Located in Haskell, Oklahoma
  3. clutch loose

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    out of nowhere, i i started grinding my gears sometimes when i shift this week. i quickly realized that my clutch had like 1/3 travel distance of play in it. i thought that it would be a quick fix, just have to tighten the clutch cable, only to realize that the system does not work like that. i...
  4. 2004 Navy Blue Manual Insight For Sale $4000

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    I am selling a 2004 Navy Blue Manual Insight w/AC with 53,714 miles. $4000 Located in Seattle WA I purchased this Insight for $6995.00 with a rebuilt title from a dealer in 2014 at 26,000 miles. I do not know why the vehicle was rebuilt, but the dealer claimed that it was involved in an...
  5. 2000 Citrus M/T on eBay

    eBay Auctions: Honda Insight related
    Hello all, I figured I would post that I listed my Citrus on eBay. Bidding ends next week. Relevant info is in the listing! Here is the link. Thanks!
  6. 2000 Citrus M/T 220k for sale in MN

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    Hello all, I have a 2000 M/T Citrus Insight I am putting up for sale. I plan on picking up another. Here is the required info: -2000 -220k miles -Citrus -5 Speed Manual -Asking $3k (but now going to eBay bidding) -I average 60mpg during my urban driving. -Minneapolis, Minnesota -IMA age...
  7. 2000 engine and manual trans for sale ohio

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    Located in Tiffin Ohio Engine and transmission for sale from a 2000 Honda Insight with approximately 140,000 miles on both of them. The engine ran great and I’m asking $300. The transmission worked great other than when downshifting third to second I believe it grinded. I’m asking $200 I would...
  8. Requesting tips for replacing my transmission

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    Hello, So I'm pretty certain I have a bad ISB on my 2000 manual insight. I'm insecure about cracking open my transmission to replace the bearing, so right now I'm planning on swapping out the whole transmission. I will only have a few days at my brother's garage to do the swap, so I felt it...
  9. 2001 Honda Insight whirling noise only under acceleration?!

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    Hi all!!! I really need the help of this forum this forums is the reason i bought my insight (2001 manual 106k) but unfortunately the insight i bought has this weird "whirling" noise while accelerating, it seems to charge fine, and accelerate fine but under any manner of acceleration in any...
  10. 2002 Silver MT 79K, newer IMA; brand new tires [*AS-IS*]

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    $1,000 OBO Pics available by email - I don't have enough other posts to include, or you could look at imgur album ggp4V Des Moines, IA The Good: This was my daily driver for a couple years. Brand new tires. I just took it in to have the brakes done (new front; resurfaced rear). All 4 tires are...
  11. New Zealand 2005 Insight Manual Silver low kms'

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    Hi folks. I have to part with my Insight:(. I've bought a four seat vehicle so that I can make the best of the time I have left with ageing parents. Here's the Insight Honda Insight MK1 2005 | Trade Me I'd love to keep it but I don't have room. Original JDM auction site purchase photos...
  12. Sweet, tasty, low mile, AZ/FL 2000 Citrus for sale!

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    $6,800. 78,600 miles.The car is in great condition. New tires 3,000 miles ago. New front brakes about 300 miles ago. Has rare CD changer/cassette/citrus combo. AC works great. Shifts and handles like a dream. Has original manual, floor mats, cargo net. New wiper blades. Grid charger. Bought...
  13. manual trans replacement

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    i was driving along the highway and felt a jerk backwards then a pop, the engine was killed on the spot and i coasted to a stop. upon inspection i noticed a broken axel. but i dont think thats the only problem. the engine starts and runs fine. when i let off the clutch with the car not in gear...
  14. Just got my first Insight!!

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    I just drove home my first ever Hybrid vehicle. It's a silver 2005 Honda Insight, 5-speed Manual. I have a very long commute to work. It will be interesting to see what kind of mileage I get. On my first drive, I averaged 62mpg in about 50/50 highway & city driving. I was averaging over...
  15. FS: 2000 Silver MT Insight, 213K, Needs IMA

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    Asking 4100 OBO. Please PM if interested. Tranny, clutch, tires, engine in good shape, new brakes and rotors, comes with the old IMA battery pack which needs to be charged, rebuilt, or replaced-up to you to decide! In Central Valley, California or So Cal.
  16. Shop manual for Gen 1 Insight + : $29

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    Official 2000-2004 Service Manual that the dealers and shops use. Will likely cover most items on 2005-06 as well as the cars did not change that much from year-to-year. This manual cover specifications, diagnosis and testing, in vehicle repairs, component removal and installation. Cover shows a...
  17. 2001 Blue MT, 220K, Best if used for a parts car, $2500.

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    I am the original owner of this car. I love this car, but a number of things have gone bad, and I just can't afford to fix it anymore. Also when I bought it, I didn't have as large a family as I do now, so time to find something with more seats. First the bad: - The IMA battery light is on...
  18. '00 Manual Transmission Mostly Dead

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    My 5-Speed is giving up the ghost at 276,000 miles. Here's what's happening: Between positive and negative load, there used to be a grinding sound, made worse when A/C was on The between load grinding sound has turned into a loud grinding and thunking sound when rolling up to a stop and the...
  19. Honda Insight 2000 Owner's Manual and Cover clips

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    Had to let go of my lovely hybrid. If anyone wants the Owner's manual and Warranty booklet, as well as four of the newer holders and "screws" to hold the rear wheel covers on let me know. It can all go for $15, which includes priority shipping.
  20. 2000 Honda Insight for sale, 65863 miles, $8500

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    Car is sold $8500 65863 miles Averaging 54-55 mpg 2 owners Manual Batteries replaced and reconditioned at Hybrid Battery Repair. Still under warranty Recent new tires Oil changed regularly Sony stereo with ipod docking (in glove box), CD player, aux in Clean paint with no rust Clean interior We...