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mpg problems

  1. Need recommendation for type of charger/ MPG help

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    Hey everyone, I am in need of a grid charger to balance out my battery. I was told a good one runs about $300. Any ideas on which one to buy? Also ever since I bought my 2005 cvt insight I can only get up to 50 city/ highway maintaining a constant speed. I was told I have "the good tires" for...
  2. MPG Dropping; Valve Clearance Check?

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    Two different and perhaps related issues. I bought my 2000 Insight on eBay (!) with some 130K miles on it and since then I have put in some 15K miles. The lifetime MPG was 54.9 when I bought it and I raised it to 55.2. Then my daily MPG started dropping to something near 53.5. Same commute, same...
  3. New 2010 Owner... wierd mpg issues

    MPG Issues
    Just bought a 2010 Insight EX with 22,900 miles on it. Drive 250 miles this weekend (two long trips, some city, mostly highway between 60-70 mph) and used an entire tank of gas... I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. The display says I'm getting 37 mpg, but even that is low from what I've...
  4. New owner of a old Insight

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    About 8 months ago, I retired and became the proud owner of a low mileage 2005 Insight. Even though I own (2) V12 Jaguars, XJS and XKE, I LOVE driving my Insight more. The only problem I have is my wife complains the low seats hurts her back as she is 6' but I am 6'5" and mine only hurts a...
  5. 2011 ex. Can't get over 50 mpg. Help!!!

    Honda Insight Forum 2nd-Gen Discussion
    Hi Guys I recently got my 2011 Insight, about a week ago. I keep reading people on the forum getting averages of 60-70MPG and even some at 80+MPG?! even when i drive really slow and stay green i can't get it close to what you all are getting. can anyone give me any tips why i'm having such a...
  6. New Insight Owner... Am I hearing you all Correctly? Only at 58mpg

    MPG Issues
    I've spent a lot of times pouring over all of these threads on driving techniques to learn as much as I can before posting any kind of ignorant or exhausted questions. Now that I've done my homework I'm hoping for feedback as to why I am stuck at 58mpg. I think I know the factors but would...
  7. Just Purchased 02 Insight 140k miles, 25MPG so far

    MPG Issues
    I recent purchased a used Insight, 2002 with 140k miles on it. I have been driving it in the city for 3 weeks (though I plan to use it mostly on 300 mile rides to Vermont soon) and have been getting consistently under 25 mpg. I called the nearest Honda service center and was told that my issue...