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  1. Denso Iridium spark plugs, identification, indexing

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    1. Are the specs on Denso 3421 (SK20HR11) iridium spark plugs the same as the specs on Honda OEM plugs for the MT 2000 Insight? I had new plugs installed by mechanic and car seems to be misfiring along with MPG now 30-50 (was 50-80mpg). I thought that could be the cause. I believe I have the...
  2. Fuel economy mods - by the numbers

    MPG Issues
    We have owned our 03 Insight for 5 years. The car has been my wife's daily commuter until the last year and a half when we decided that she needed an SUV. So we found a Ford Escape Hyrbrid as a compromise vehicle so that she could get the 4wd and space she wanted and still get respectable fuel...
  3. Over 300K miles on '01 Insight 5-speed

    MPG Issues
    My 2001 Insight 5-speed has over 300K miles so far. I've started designing a "panel" that will allow me to erase the memory in each of my sub-pack batteries. My goal is to build a tool (or technique) that will allow me to fully charge my battery pack such that it will function properly (be...
  4. 10 MPG lost in past 6 months - cure?

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    I wonder how to bring back high MPG in an '01 stick shift. Gradually, avg. MPG has slipped from 64 or so to 54. I had averaged around 68 summer, 60 winter, until last fall. At first I thought it was due to a change from mostly highway to mostly local driving, but we just took a 200 mile...
  5. Still Need Help

    Honda Insight MPG
    okay so i posted last week about my MPG on my 2010 Insight... I am driving in ALL green ALL the time, and in ECON MODE and the MID is telling me I'm still getting about 30.1 MPG. I just filled up and have a bit over 3/4 of a tank. In my last post i was told to restart the MPG gauge.. im not...
  6. Leafing Leveling Up & Better MPG

    Honda Insight MPG
    Hi, I just got my 2010 Insight last Friday and I already have 300 miles on it. I don't understand why I am only getting about 30 MPG when the last 3 drives say 40 or over and I'm always driving and my lighting are green. how come that is ? & how can i improve that ? ... Also i always have the...
  7. Good reference Car&Driver article effect of tire/wheel changes on mpg

    MPG Issues
    Everyone interested in their mpg should read C&D's article on pg 32 of the latest issue. Well stated and we can attest to its validity. Wider, heavier, larger diameter tires cut mpg and acceleration.
  8. Gen 1 Insight Mods for a cheapo

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    Hello friends, Cheapo here with a 2003 honda insight cvt. Lots of questions. I got a cheap amp and a cheap 8 inch sub in a 5 inch deep box im planning to hide somewheres. I am looking to run power through the firewall, what's the best way? fuse box nonsense or can I cut open a ribbon through...
  9. the 1,2,5 sequence?

    MPG Issues
    Hi, I just bought a 2002 MT insight and was wondering how exactally to execute the shifting pattern with 1st 2nd and right to 5th(other than just doing it ;)), and what are the advantages to doing so? Thanks! Greg
  10. Insight 2 Lifetime MPG Display?

    Honda Insight Forum 2nd-Gen Discussion
    Does the new Insight have a display for lifetime MPG? I was told by the dealer that you can customize features and displays but he didn't know if that one was available. I'd look in the manual but I don't get my new car for a couple of days yet!
  11. Low Gas mileage? Spark Plugs

    MPG Issues
    I purchased my 2001 MT Insight a year ago at 104k miles and in the last 6 months I have noticed my MPG drop to just under 50 with 90% city driving and only about 55-60 on the Freeway. Having implemented all the basic hypermiling techniques (tire pressure, pedal usage, coasting, etc) with very...
  12. CVT coasting in Neutral?

    MPG Issues
    My 2002 CVT Insight has only 31000 miles and a LMPG of 39.4. I suspect the combination of a heavy foot and low daily stop and go mileage in the city is to blame. Nonetheless, even when driving pretty compulsively I have never gotten good "Insight level" mileage. Recently I have tried shifting...