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  1. 2002 Silver Insight St. Louis, MO

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    I just replaced the IMA battery last winter, got all new tires this summer and just got an oil change! I honestly don't even want to sell it, but have a baby on the way now! Gets amazing mileage and a previous owner installed an amazing bass speaker right behind the driver's seat. Currently at...
  2. 06 insight for sale

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    I am selling my 06 Insight. I need to buy a car for my growing family so I’m putting this awesome car for sale. It has a brand new battery installed by greentech auto. There is 2 years left on the battery’s warranty, which is transferable. It’s also an upgraded battery, 8.0 amp hour cells. I...
  3. To Buy or Not to Buy (An IMA Battery) THAT is the Question!

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    A Cautionary Tale?.... My situation: G1 2000 Insight, Original IMA battery, purchased/installed new IMA BB battery early 2014, some problems within 2 years, Hard IMA light by 2.5 years. Presently owner of a $2000 "paperweight" (that LOOKS like an IMA battery). This is just a discussion. Perhaps...
  4. Help install new hybrid revolt battery in 2006 insight

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    Hello everyone. My 2006 insight finally threw me the IMA light with code P0a7f. It's the original battery with 156k on it. Light went on with a full charge that lost 3 bars over a couple days then jumped to zero bars suddenly. Car still starts and runs for now with jittery difficult take offs...
  5. For Sale: 2001 Honda Insight with new battery pack - salvage

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    Well, the insurance companies wouldn't budge. After being T-boned in the carpool lane on 10/4/2010 by an out-of-control driver, my 2001 Honda Insight has been declared a "total loss". (I was able to drive it off the freeway on three tires and a rim. But the body work repairs are still too...
  6. I rebuilt (rebalanced) my own Insight battery Pack

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    Rebalanced my Insight battery Pack After 273K miles I needed another battery pack. Honda prices too high, online services too risky, 2010 Honda mileage too low and used battery packs not good enough. Solution: Do it myself and Save and have peace of mind. Here is my general approach... I...