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  1. NYS Emissions/catalytic problem

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    First, apologies if this is already a thread somewhere. I tried searching but didn't see it. Second, this is long.... My issue(s): The engine warning light came on about a decade ago on my 2002 CVT. Turned out it was a leakage issue, and didn't seem to cause any problems. I finally had one shop...
  2. IMA light in NYC metro area

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    Hello, everyone -- I have a 2001 Insight with 118K miles on it. I've already replaced the big battery six years ago and got the IMA light in April of 2015. My mechanic reset the computer. Then last week the IMA and check engine light both came on. My mechanic reset the computer again, and so...
  3. 2000 Insight 5-speed for sale in NY

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    My 2000 Honda Insight has 202k miles and I'm still driving it. It has new brakes, new brake and gas lines, clean interior and runs well. It's silver. The IMA battery is going, and codes periodically, but is not yet gone. It charges and drains normally when reset. Insight veterans tell me you...
  4. 2001 Silver Honda Insight - Available in June

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    Hi all, After 7 months with it, I'm looking to sell my 2001 Silver Honda Insight (CVT). The body is in great shape for a 9 year old car - take a look at the pictures. It's a really great looking car. It runs great, albeit a little noisy. It has 175K miles on it, but aside from a little noise...