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  1. 2001 MT - new OBDIIC&C, no lean burn

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    Apologies if this is a question I should be able to find a straightforward answer to, but no amount of searching has yielded any simple-enough resolution ... I have a 2001, manual, UK spec Insight. No dash warning lights on (IMA etc) or OBD codes, I cleaned the EGR last year (it's only done 50k...
  2. OBDIIC&C Typical Values-ECM(US)

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    This version superceded by hyperlink #15 This thread is to provide a list of typical values of the ECM(US) variables on the OBDII C&C gauge. Hopefully the list will prove valuable for trouble shooting purposes. I will edit this thread from time to time in the hopes of keeping it concise and on...