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  1. Oil pa n blues

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    So I took my 2000-1G to my mechanic for an oil change. Quite a surprise was in store. A) The plate covering the oil pan was held on with zip ties, and B) oil pan plug hole was stripped out and the plug was held in by an expander collar -- whatever you call it when you fix a stripped out hole...
  2. wtb - oil pan for 2002 Insight

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    Howdy! It's time, I've had my oil changed a few too many times and now I need a new oil pan. Please contact me if you have something. Thanks.
  3. thermostat, low anti freeze, other chaos

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    Hi all, two weeks ago I took my Wife's 2000 Insight to a Honda dealer for front end noise and L.O.F. Needed pads, belt tightening. In the process they stripped the oil pan, tried to blame someone else. I refused the $714 repair. Long story short I picked up car, they had lost the oil cap...