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  1. Had P1648, now P1568 (00 MT)

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    Hey everyone, I’m trying to get my Insight back on the road. It’s been parked for a month since the tags ran out and I haven’t had time from work to try and fix it till today. It’s had a 1648 code for a while. I had the BCM unplugged so the 12v battery would charge. I’m almost certain the 144v...
  2. Another My IMA is Dead Thread - HELP

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    I've read and troubleshot all I can stand but have not been able to resolve the problem. -HELP- 2002 CVT Insight/180k miles. Probably original battery (yellow stick sleeves). Background: A few months ago my IMA went south with typical unbalanced cell symptoms. I removed the NIMH sticks and...
  3. Battery grid charged but no longer working

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    Hi all. After a discharge and grid charge and pulling the battery terminals off I can no longer get the IMA to reset. I get no state of charge reading at all even after 20 minutes of driving. The 12 volt is charged up as well. Even tried with a different 12 volt. The car is now starting off the...
  4. In over my head

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    2000 with 2006 engine. The camshaft broke on the 2000 at 100,500 miles. Located new engine and replaced, after 30 months of sitting. (Now I know that there is a process of reconditioning the battery) Started the engine everything was great, mileage increased from 52.5 to 55. After 3000 miles the...
  5. Help: My Insight is possessed - Code P1648 & P1449

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    Help: My Insight is possessed – I had the IMA replaced by Honda under Warranty about 37,000 miles ago, been about 4-5 years. Been getting Code P1648 & P1449 showing then not showing and changing and not changing .... READ DETAIL BELOW...