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  1. Sold: 2000 Insight Whole Or parts

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    Parting out a 2000 Insight. All parts available right now. Engine runs and can be demonstrated. You can pick up parts near the Akron Canton airport in Ohio for free or I can send for a small added cost. All parts are stock. There were no modifications on this car. Honda did replace the...
  2. 2006 Gen 1 5sd MT low miles w damage

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    2006 Gen 1 5 Sd MT, 98,500 +/- miles. Looked and ran like new until I hit a deer head on. Hood, radiator, condenser, headlights, right front fender, intake manifold, front bumper need replacing however I think the car is straight. Otherwise clean, straight, nice wheels & tires. Passed VT State...
  3. Trustworthy sources for replacement parts...

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    Just taking a quick survey of the best websites/other sources that people have found for purchasing replacement parts. I've read that is a good source for parts. Is that still the case? Any other places that you would recommend? Thanks in advance.
  4. Availability of Struts

    Troubleshooting and Problems
    Long time member ... first time post. Have a 2010 Insight (Blue) with ~140K. Recently saw tread wire and had the front end alignment checked at a Hibdon's ... was told that they couldn't align it without replacing the front struts - they were bad. Quote of $785. Took it to my local mechanic and...
  5. NOS OEM restoration parts

    eBay Auctions: Honda Insight related
    I have a few NOS Insight items that would be useful for someone trying to restore an Insight. I am selling each listing as a set and will not sell individual pieces from the sets. Thanks for looking. Set of 4 NOS OEM alloy wheels and hub caps Set of OEM accessory...
  6. Honda Insight 2000 All Parts For Sale

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    Selling My 2000 Red MT for Parts :( . worth more this way and the 1st gens aren't baby friendly so on to a new insight? The IMA Battery is on ebay for 1450 Pricing: All other parts are available and priced at 800 for all. 50% off new price or best offer + Shipping Description: Well...
  7. Selling Gen 1 Insight for parts, does not run, Philadelphia area

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    Newish parts include the starter, spark plugs, ground cables, good seats, tires. Does not have IMA anymore. $500 OBO
  8. Selling Complete Crashed 2003- 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid

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    Hello Everyone, I am from Far West Texas, El Paso to be exact and I am parting ways (in whole, lol) with my 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid. The ima system is complete though both air bags were deployed. It was hit from the driver's side corner, so front drivers side fender, hood and bumper are gone...
  9. Service parts and the availability in emergencies

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    Hi All! I have been wondering through the forum for 2 and a half years now getting information and trouble shooting tips and my little "Squig" (2001 CVT 170K) is now completely restored. New Battery with recently acquired and modified grid charger/Discharger, new paint, Headlights, Seats...
  10. Need wheel cover-blue

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    Hello, I'm looking for a replacement for the driver's side rear wheel cover for my blue 2003 Insight. I've seen posts here in the past where older Insights were sold for parts. Any leads where I might be able to find this replacement? I'm assuming not from Honda itself? thank you!:-?
  11. Insight G1 parts for sale

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    I have a 2002 insight I am parting that was in a wreck. I also have additional parts from a second car that was deiced. 2 sets of electronics for the cars. 2 hybrid batteries, one set up with one of the revolt charging harnesses. Revolt charger. revolt discharger. 2 drive trains. rear qtrs...
  12. Selling my beloved 2001 Insight

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    This Insight has been the best car I've ever owned, by far. But... It broke down on the side of the road for the first time the other day, and when I take it into the shop tomorrow the price tag on the diagnosis will determine if I'm repairing or selling it. Likely the later. At present it...
  13. wheel rims bent - repair? replace?

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    I had 4 new Potenzas put on, which resulted in a new vibration in steering . The tire shop re-balanced & it's better but still, vibration isn't completely gone and - as I suspected - the shop pointed out 3 bent rims. I'd like to start out the new tires without extra wobble-wear. How would I...
  14. 2001 Blue MT, 220K, Best if used for a parts car, $2500.

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    I am the original owner of this car. I love this car, but a number of things have gone bad, and I just can't afford to fix it anymore. Also when I bought it, I didn't have as large a family as I do now, so time to find something with more seats. First the bad: - The IMA battery light is on...
  15. Incomplete order from Majestic?

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    Hi, I am Daniel, in Stillwater, OK. I know my username is misspelled, I will have to change it, or delete the account and start over, but first I have this question: A month ago, at the beginning of September, I bought a 2002 Insight with 236,500 miles on it. The previous owner had neglected...
  16. WTB CV Shaft, 2000 Honda Insight

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    Hey, I'm looking for a new or used CV Shaft to replace my broken one. According to my mechanic, they changed the size of the shaft in later models (2003+), not sure if anyone knows any specifics about it. It's the passenger side that is damaged but if you have the full piece i'd be interested in...
  17. Where's the best site for body parts

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    I'm a honda mechanic and I just purchased my first insight. Having a hard time finding a web site that I can get parts from besides my dealership. i just ordered my ima battery with honda's extended warrenty they came out with in march of last year 10yr/150k. Pretty sweet deal. im looking for...
  18. Parting Out! Battery, Engine, Computers, etc

    Buy/Sell Insight-Related Items
    Brand new accident to front and rear so parting out my beloved 2000, red Insight with 135,000 miles. This car was an absolute machine!! IMA battery was replaced in '04 or '05 at about 75,000 miles but will check records. Battery, Engine, Computers, etc etc etc Bumpers, right headlight, hood...
  19. 1st Gen Insight Parts for sale

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    Parts sold parts sold
  20. Maintenance Items and Where To Get Them

    Honda Insight Forum 2nd-Gen Discussion
    I've found, in general, common items are a little harder to find for the 2010 Insight. Many of the "part finders" do not even have the 2010 Insight listed, even at major sites like and Auto Zone; and some other sites like Amsoil, the listing simply doesn't work. I'm putting this...