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poor mpg

  1. 35mpg Meter showing 54mpg?

    Honda Insight MPG
    Hi All hope your all well, I've recently just purchased a Honda Insight 2011 EX in UK:confused with just over 27k miles on clock from honda dealership, i bought the car as probably most do for economical reasons, but im becoming a little disheartened with the low MPG returns. i fill up to full...
  2. Poor MPG - willing to spend to fix

    MPG Issues
    I just bought a 2000 manual Insight with 165K miles. Its lifetime is only 42 MPG. I have been driving as gentle am possible but it is only showing 44 MPG for the current tank. From all the threads I have read that is impossibly low. Problems I know of: 1) Tires, they are worn out and a brand...