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  1. No power to the OBDII port: blown fuse?

    Other Honda Hybrids Discussion
    Hello, everyone. In my second car, a 2004 Civic Hybrid, the OBDii connector is not supplying power when I plug my reader in. It worked just a few days ago; I also tested the reader in another car, and it lit right up. I looked inside the fuse box of the Civic but could not determine which fuse...
  2. All Power Shutoff after Steering Wheel work

    Troubleshooting and Problems
    I own a Honda Insight 2011. I took my car to a body shop, they removed the steering wheel to clean, we drove out of the body shop without problems. We stopped off at restaurant and noticed a continuous beeping sound after removing the key. It sounded like a no seat belt beeping sound. When went...
  3. Window power in key position one

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    Hello: Anybody know how to change the window power supply so that the windows can be operated in key position one? Thank you, Ian
  4. Turn headlights off when key is off

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    Hello: Anybody know how to change the headlight power supply so that the headlights turn off automatically when the key is turned off? Thank you, Ian
  5. Can my car handle this Sound System?

    Modifications and Technical Discussions
    So I really want to install a sound system in my 2010 Honda Insight Ex w/Navi. I picked out my ideal setup but don't know if my car can handle the power it would require. Here is what I want: 1x Monoblock amp (Rockford Fosgate P1000X1BD 1000 watt RMS @ 1 OHM) 1x 4 channel amp (Pioneer GM-D8604...
  6. Increase use of IMA battery

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    Hello; My typical driving is 10 miles gently down-hill to town, very little stop and go, then return home. The result is that my battery is almost always very full, and often completely full. Regenerative braking does not work when the battery is completely full, and the braking energy is...