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  1. Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    Afternoon All recently replaced my 12v battery with a nice compact Bosch having had a few 'flat' moments - anyone aware of any link to forced regen. caused by sha%%ed out 12 batteries? Cheers Dan
  2. Problems and Troubleshooting
    Hello everyone. I purchased my 2004 Gen1 Insight about a month ago with a bad IMA battery. I purchased a grid charger and got the lights to stay off for about 2 days to pass smog until they came back on. The code I was getting was a P1449 flash code 78. After taking the IMA battery apart and...
  3. Modifications and Technical Issues
    Installed a Calpod switch today, like just about everyone else, it took about an hour. The switch I found is not illuminated and fits perfectly in the smaller outer knock outs. The hole I drilled in the center of the knock out is 5/8", however I had to Dremel it out just a hair. Once done I...
  4. Troubleshooting and Problems
    My 2010 Honda Insight has 38k miles, and has had the IMA light come one twice then off. Codes were p0562 and p1448. Voltage reads as low with the ignition on; 11 point something. p0562 is described as "voltage low". When driving, the car will always regen uphill, and does not assist as long as...
  5. Problems and Troubleshooting
    I am the original owner a 2000 Insight with 160,000 miles. Starting last summer I sadly watched it deteriorate - she started doing the regen and herky-jerky as discussed in these forums. Then one day in early February, out on the highway with my mechanic in the passenger seat, we stopped for a...
  6. Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    Hi, I am looking to buy a used 2001 Insight from a private owner in my area. I saw the car today and noticed that the charge/assist light is out (no light whatsoever), the battery is sitting at 1 bar and never charges, and there's no regen braking when I tap the brakes. The car also doesn't...
  7. Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    hello all. these forums have been great, but until now i havent needed to post anything. my family has a condo in miami with our insight that we keep down there. i know that sitting for months isnt good for the insight at all, but so far my dad hasnt swayed in his opinion that the insight...
1-7 of 7 Results