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  1. 4 wheels from 2002 Insight

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    4 original alloy rims/caps with appx. 170,000 miles on them. Some corrosion. Metro Detroit area. Make offer.
  2. wtb 4 OEM rims

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    Hi, I am looking to buy 4 factory rims in good condition. Thanks!
  3. FS: OEM tires and OEM rims from a 2001 Insight (Kitchener, ON)

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    I am looking to sell 4 OEM tires on OEM rims from my 2001 Honda Insight, which I bought new in 2001. The tires have 6/32" tread left. These are in good condition--driven about 45,000 km, mostly in summer. During most winters, the OEMs were stowed in my apartment or garage. I'm asking $80 for...
  4. wheel rims bent - repair? replace?

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    I had 4 new Potenzas put on, which resulted in a new vibration in steering . The tire shop re-balanced & it's better but still, vibration isn't completely gone and - as I suspected - the shop pointed out 3 bent rims. I'd like to start out the new tires without extra wobble-wear. How would I...
  5. 195/60R15 on Stock Steel Rims

    Modifications and Technical Discussions
    I was thinking of doing a plus zero upgrade on tires and was wondering if anyone else had tried 195/60-15's on the stock steel rims ... do the tires fit on the rims comfortably? do they fit inside the wells without any rubbing under hard cornering? any other info that may be relevant for this...
  6. (2) - 2001 Insight OEM Rims with Potenza RE92s for Sale

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    SOLD -THESE ITEMS NOT AVAIL (2) - 2001 Insight OEM Rims with Potenza RE92s for Sale These items have sold: No longer available
  7. What Tires are Available for 13" VX rims for Insight 1?

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    So I am picking up a set of 13" 92-95 Honda Civic VX rims tomorrow. Those rims have 2 good tires and 2 bad tires on them that were the correct size for the 92 Civic. I currently have a 2003 Insight that will need new tires soon. Currently have the stock 14" with Bridgestone Potenza RE92...