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  1. Modifications and Technical Issues
    First: If using a grill block you need to monitor engine temp using a digital display such as OBDIIC&C or a ScanGauge. Not doing so risks overheating the engine. Here's how the completed upper block looks from the front now: It has lower and upper components. Here's a shot of the lower...
  2. Modifications and Technical Discussions
    For those of you that have a scangauge ii that supports Xgauge, do you use xgauges ? Which ones do you find the most interesting? I find horsepower useful. I though I2 would support leanburn xgauge as did the I1 but it's not the case. Here's the info for horsepower gauge (found on insight...
  3. Modifications and Technical Issues
    For over a year, I've been looking for an European COVER ASSY., CENTER (LOWER) but I live in the USA and I don't want to make lots of international phone calls. Does anyone know where to purchase one online? I understand that ordering parts via online for European Honda OEM parts is next to...
1-3 of 3 Results