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  1. Selling 2004 Insight CVT

    Buy/Sell Insight-Related Items
    Hi, I am selling my 2004 Red CVT with 107,000 miles, new rear shocks with 2" drop, satin black roof wrap, and charger, discharger. Im going to post it to ebay soon but wanted to share here first with my fellow Insighters. Unable to post pic yet but will post ebay link soon. Battery ~6 years...
  2. 2001 Insight CVT Needs Battery and Engine Rebuild; Fix it?

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    This is a 2001 Insight CVT with over 100K miles that I inherited from my father. The engine recently developed a "rod knock" and needs to be rebuilt. The battery has been replaced several times and it needs to be replaced again. I have been unable to find anybody in my area (Hampton Roads, VA)...
  3. Trying to decide if I should sell my baby

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    I have a 2001 Insight in great shape, which I love. It has about 135K on it, and still running great. BUT. I am about to move to Connecticut. Here in Michigan I live close enough to work that I can usually just walk when there are heaps of snow. But each year it seems like the snow gets bigger...
  4. 2005 Insight for sale, beautiful shape, 2-year warranty (Providence, RI)

    Buy/Sell Insight-Related Items
    For sale is a beautiful silver 2005 Insight, with power windows, mirrors, locks, keyless entry, AC, premium MP3/CD/iPod stereo, and CVT. The asking price is $9,950. The car is like a spaceship and is in beautiful condition inside & out. It has 77,000 miles. There are 2 years remaining on a...