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  1. Rear shocks replaced

    Troubleshooting and Problems
    So I just picked up my 11 insight from the dealer. I had brought it in to have the B123 service done and had them check the suspension since I've been hearing creaking noises when going over speed bumps or dips in the road when the car hasn't been driven for a while. Apparently both rear shocks...
  2. Rear Suspension

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    I am new to forums so please bare with me. We have a 2000 model Insight with saggy rear suspension. I have read some of the forums on the subject and thought that there must be a way of getting better shocks for similar money than original Honda. The delivery time is about six weeks in the UK as...
  3. Polyurethane Bushings For the Honda Insight - Available?

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    Hi, At one time I had a 1973 Morris Mini, in which I had eventually installed polyurethane bushings to the suspension, replacing the old rubber components. The improvement to steering, cornering and handling, shock absorption was noticeable. Since my Insight is now over a decade old, I'm...
  4. Rear Shock Replacement-My Version

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    ***FINAL EDIT (I hope) If you have previously read this how-to please note that step 12 has been added due to an oversight ( Thanks 02:)) Sorry folks*** Hello everyone:) I finished this project yesterday but had to wait until I had some free time to post. After doing some research Saturday...
  5. Upgrade 2005 Insight Shocks

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    I'm trying to find an upgrade to the Honda OEM shocks for my 2005 Honda Insight (5spd/ A/C). I'd like to use Konis or comparable quality. Koni said would fabricate these but need dimensions of OEM shocks to do so. Anybody have any suggestions on how to get those dimensions. Also would like...