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  1. Gen1 2005 Silver Insight 5 Speed - 218K - FOR SALE - Dayton, OH - $2300

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    2005 Silver 5-Speed Manual 218,100 Miles IMA Battery from 2010 (factory warranty replacement prior to my purchasing the vehicle) - IIMA Code shows intermittently. I reset battery and stays off for short bouts. Engine/Transmission runs well. Interior is clean overall. Normal wear. Exterior...
  2. Insight parts car in Northern CA? (Modesto)

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    I am looking for an Insight parts car to help maintain my two Insights, Hurricane ( MT, blue 2001, purchased 2006, nearly 200,000 miles, 50,000 mine) and Typhoon (MT, silver, 2000, purchased 2016, about 80,000 miles) I did buy a lot of spare parts from folks on Insight Central (thank you very...
  3. trading gen 1 side skirt drivers side red for silver Oregon and Washington only

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    Looking to trade a first generation insight red drivers side wheel skirt for a silver one in the area of Oregon and Washington, no where else need apply. Will send picture by text message if contacted. Thank you
  4. For sale: 2000 silver 5 speed gas only

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    Asking $1200, will consider all offers. Location: Tallahassee, FL Been my daily driver for 4 years, 3.9 of which has been gas only, no autostop. Still very good mpg, low 60's hwy, low 40's city. Sad to let it go, but my wife is convinced that it's a coffin on wheels and has worn me down after...
  5. WTB Driver's side mirror - grey/silver - G1

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    Looking for Driver's side mirror for G1 grey/silver insight. thanks,
  6. Silver 2000 Manual Transmission in Maine

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    We're selling our first-generation classic for $1000 or best offer Here's a link to the ad, with details and many more pictures:
  7. 2001 Silver Insight for sale in Las Vegas (349K miles)

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    Single owner Insight for sale in Las Vegas Manual transmission. 56MPG lifetime. $800 or best offer. Complete dealer maintenance history. No accidents. Clean title. Owner's manuals included. Car runs but the IMA light is on. This is the second after-market rebuilt battery and it only...
  8. FOR SALE - $1800 - Silver 2000 Honda Insight

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    Hello all! I recently got into a minor accident in my silver 2000 Honda Insight (minor bent frame, busted headlight, see photos). Alas, she needs to be re-registered as a salvage title, and I just don't have the money right now to fix her before her registration is due (October). She is a 5...
  9. 2001 low mileage Insight for sale - Seattle, WA

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    It's time to let my beloved 2001 silver Insight go. I've been the one and only owner (bought new in June of 2001) and have kept up with regular maintenance, always at the Honda dealer. Tires are fairly new (though are slightly different than the recommended -- the low friction just wasn't...
  10. 2000 silver Spanish-speaker seller $3K NorCal

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    On craigslist: Phone: "(510) ocho62 569uno"" (510) 862-5691 I was interested, but I didn't speak enough Spanish to get full details on the car, which is in Hayward, CA. He spoke enough English that I could get some info: Car runs and...
  11. FS: Silver CVT--$1750, New York

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    Off Market: '02 Silver CVT EDIT: Based on the very helpful comments of several forum members and my own research, I have decided to take this car off the market for the moment. I will likely post a new ad in the near future with a decent set of images and a higher asking price. I don't want...
  12. Buying: Silver Drivers Side Fender 1st Gen

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    I spun out last winter and cracked my fender. I tried to bondo and paint it, but it is starting to cost me more money than I'm willing to spend. I'm located in DesMoines Iowa, and would be willing to drive to the far edge of my bordering states to pick up a silver drivers side fender for a 1st...
  13. WTS: Parting out 2003 Silver Insight Hybrid with bad CVT

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    Hello Everyone, I have a 2003 Insight with a bad CVT that I am parting out. It has ~220,000 miles on the car and was being driven daily until the CVT went bad. The IMA system functions all okay but the battery is worn out and it is currently bypassed using only the ICE. But everything else on...
  14. 2000 Insight - 5 Speed - Silver

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    Beautifully maintained 2000 Insight - the original! We purchased in 2008 and put 40,000 of the 184,000 miles on the odometer. We are a 2 person family and are sacrificing this gem in our efforts to streamline. (We live in Colorado, so we had to keep the 4WD vehicles). Batteries were...
  15. 2000 Insight for sale MIMA

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    Thanks insight central
  16. New wheels for my new insight

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    Hey forum, I bought my 2010 Insight 2 weeks ago. On my first tank (which the dealer paid for) I achieved 47 true mpg. I've already begun modifying. My dumblops were shot with 25k. Thanks to all the great information here, I decided to go with 15x6.5 Maxxim Sixx Black wheels and Goodyear Fuel...
  17. 2000 Silver 5sp Insight 117K - IMA bypass

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    Good morning! I read the rules, so let's hope I keep this within the guidelines. I have a 2000 Insight Silver 5sp with 117K miles, its been put on bypass since it has been giving IMA errors so I am assuming the pack needs replacement. Don't have the time to drive to betterbattery for $2000 in...
  18. Beautiful 2005 silver Insight for sale, $9250, Washington DC

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    For sale is a beautiful silver 2005 Insight, with power windows, mirrors, locks, keyless entry, AC, premium MP3/CD/iPod stereo, and CVT. The asking price is $9,250. The car is in beautiful condition inside & out. It has 77,000 miles. It's by far the best car I've ever owned - I hate to sell...
  19. 2000 Insight for Sale in Hawaii

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    Great car in excellent condition, only 70k miles. Currently on Kauai, can be shipped to outer islands for under $200, and mainland under $800-$1000 to the mainland US. -5spd manual transmission with A/C -70k with regular oil changes and tune ups (records on file at King Auto). Last oil...