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  1. 180V Solar maintainer? For those with the $$$, Cut Solar Cells

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    Math works up to: 15x36in 180V, 290mA using 1x3in cells. Ran across this site when looking into cut solar cells for custom voltages. 0.5" x 3" Multicrystatlline Solar Cell Each one is 0.5V, 290mA; therefore, in a series configuration would need 180inches x 3inches, or reconfigured to be 180/12...
  2. Renewable Energy

    Honda Insight Lounge
    I've moved discussion here to avoid to much of it as being off topic in another thread. Sorry, I did not intend to give that impression. I was just pointing out some things that occurred to me ... including viable methods I see of doing something (energy storage) that you keep claiming 'until'...
  3. Solar at Work

    Honda Insight Lounge
    After 3 years of suggesting , answering questions, homework, etc ... Where I work finally had their commercial Photovoltaic power system on the buildings roof go live a short time ago. :D Utility limited to a max of 495kw AC output at any one time. (Pending weather) year 1 energy output...
  4. Modding and general Qs for insight, plus my intro post.

    Modifications and Technical Discussions
    So- Background story because I'm new and feel the need to do that in my first post. I originally when looking for my first car (being that I'm currently 19) had a variety of options, 2.0T/3.8 R-spec gensis coupes 2011, a ford fusion 2011 fully equipped, and a Honda Fit 2009/10. I had my eyes on...
  5. Adding Solar Panel

    Modifications and Technical Discussions
    Hello fellow Insight drivers. I have read some of the older posts on this topic and I cant find the answer I need. There seems to be alot of "I think" or "probably" comments. I am hoping someone with factual knowledge here can further assist. I am looking to ad the following product: Solar 12...