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  1. DIY Spring Rate Measurement with a drill press

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    As I'm waiting for parts (upper mount/bearing) to install my GAZ adjustable front struts, I decided to figure out a method to directly measure the spring rate of the OEM springs. After mocking up a more complicated lever contraption involving a floor jack, aluminum "2x4" beam and a bathroom...
  2. The best and cheapest fix for our weak rear springs.

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Although the discussion about this is in the wheels, tires, suspension category, with the low traffic in that section, I think this is also worthy of the mods section. We all know abut the weak springs on the g1...
  3. Rear Suspension

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    I am new to forums so please bare with me. We have a 2000 model Insight with saggy rear suspension. I have read some of the forums on the subject and thought that there must be a way of getting better shocks for similar money than original Honda. The delivery time is about six weeks in the UK as...
  4. Mugen Sports Suspension for Second-Gen Insight: Tested and Ready

    Modifications and Technical Discussions
    The Mugen Sport Suspension substantially improves the Insight's already good handling characteristics. Starting with a lower stance, the Mugen Sport Suspension will lower your Insight 1" The combination of progressively-wound springs and carefully engineered compression and rebound shock...