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  1. DIY Spring Rate Measurement with a drill press

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    As I'm waiting for parts (upper mount/bearing) to install my GAZ adjustable front struts, I decided to figure out a method to directly measure the spring rate of the OEM springs. After mocking up a more complicated lever contraption involving a floor jack, aluminum "2x4" beam and a bathroom...
  2. GAZ Front Struts

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    Rather than continuing this: thread, I thought it would make sense to start a new one to cover the progress on building a set of aftermarket front struts for the 1st Gen Insight. Overview: To my...
  3. Rear Suspension

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    I am new to forums so please bare with me. We have a 2000 model Insight with saggy rear suspension. I have read some of the forums on the subject and thought that there must be a way of getting better shocks for similar money than original Honda. The delivery time is about six weeks in the UK as...
  4. Polyurethane Bushings For the Honda Insight - Available?

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    Hi, At one time I had a 1973 Morris Mini, in which I had eventually installed polyurethane bushings to the suspension, replacing the old rubber components. The improvement to steering, cornering and handling, shock absorption was noticeable. Since my Insight is now over a decade old, I'm...
  5. Scrunching noise, control arm bushings

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    FYI: This has been mentioned before, but I thought I'd revive the idea. I've been living with a 'scrunching' noise from my suspension since I bought my car - go over bumps, around turns, etc. and you hear a 'scrunch, scrunch'. I read a thread the other day that mentioned lubing the front aft...
  6. metal fatigue??

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    EDIT: Ooops, sorry I posted in wrong forum. moderator, can you move it to problems and troubleshooting? Thanks I have a 2000 insight with around 188k miles on it that's recently developed some noise whenever I go over rough terrain or those parking lot speed bumps. The noise sounds like...
  7. Rear Shock Replacement-My Version

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    ***FINAL EDIT (I hope) If you have previously read this how-to please note that step 12 has been added due to an oversight ( Thanks 02:)) Sorry folks*** Hello everyone:) I finished this project yesterday but had to wait until I had some free time to post. After doing some research Saturday...
  8. Release date for 2011 Insight

    Honda Insight Forum 2nd-Gen Discussion
    Has anyone heard when Honda is likely release the 2011 Insight (and Fit?) I've read that the Fit hybrid is unlikely here this year, but I've an interest in learning about the improvements Honda will be making to the 2nd-year Insight. The suspension tweaks alone will make the car handle even better.
  9. Mugen Sports Suspension for Second-Gen Insight: Tested and Ready

    Modifications and Technical Discussions
    The Mugen Sport Suspension substantially improves the Insight's already good handling characteristics. Starting with a lower stance, the Mugen Sport Suspension will lower your Insight 1" The combination of progressively-wound springs and carefully engineered compression and rebound shock...
  10. The source of my front suspension noise

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    Ok, so how many Insight owners are experiencing what I call a "scrunching" noise that comes from underneath the front of the car when you drive over speed bumps or anything that makes the front suspension flex? This is important because the source of the problem is not a simple one...