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  1. G1 Insight Aftermarket Wheels and RE92 Tires

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    Set of 4 Maxxim Winner Wheels with Bridgestone Potenza RE92 Tires 14x6 ET38 165/65/14 Tires are in like new condition with full tread Wheels are in like new condition with no curbing, scratches, etc. This set was only run from May - November so they have never seen snow/salt. Asking Price $475...
  2. Tire reviews for 2nd gen Insight

    Honda Insight Forum 2nd-Gen Discussion
    A little background The Honda Insight 2nd Gen uses OEM 175/65R15 84S tires. What do the numbers mean? The first number (175) is the width of the tire. The second number (65) is the tire profile as a percentage of the first number – the OEM tire has a sidewall that's 65% the width of the...
  3. potenza r92 tires for sale

    Honda Insight Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    I sold my 2001 insight with 297k but kept new tires i bought. (4) r92's for sale paid over 400 plus tax asking 300/ obo now due to over a year old less than 1000 miles on tires.. I'm in or near Duluth, Minnesota sidebar any decent 1st gen insight owners that want to sell to me.. thanks This...
  4. 2002 Silver MT 79K, newer IMA; brand new tires [*AS-IS*]

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    $1,000 OBO Pics available by email - I don't have enough other posts to include, or you could look at imgur album ggp4V Des Moines, IA The Good: This was my daily driver for a couple years. Brand new tires. I just took it in to have the brakes done (new front; resurfaced rear). All 4 tires are...
  5. Switching to 185 or 195 tires

    Honda Insight Forum 2nd-Gen Discussion
    I currently have Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3's on my 2011 Insight. They are incredible, but the tread has hit 4/32 and it's time to replace them. Unfortunately, Michelin no longer makes these in the 175/65/15 size (they list them on their website as "Limited Availability", but I've never seen...
  6. Bridgestone Ecopia vs. Ecopia PLUS tires

    Honda Insight Forum 2nd-Gen Discussion
    Now that Bridgestone has come out with the Ecopia Plus tire, has anybody replaced their OEM Ecopia tires with the Ecopia Plus tires? Any difference in MPG, handling, road noice, etc? BTW, I got about 75,000 mi out of the ecopia's. Have not tried the Ecopia Plus tires yet.
  7. Specific Tire Question

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    Hello Everyone, I just bought my first G1 Honda 2001 Insight. It needs new tires and I am torn. I hear in some places that the Bridgestone RE92s are the only way to go, but Eccomodder states that the only 14" tires to buy are the Bridgestone/Firestone B381 P185/70R14s. Now this are 185s not...
  8. For Sale: 4 Brand new Bridgestone Potenzas

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    4 brand new Bridgestone Potenzas for sale. Brand new and never mounted. Asking $400. PM if you'd like any pictures or have any questions! Thanks!
  9. Someone please confirm 185/60R14

    Modifications and Technical Issues
    I've heard I can put 185/60R14 on my 2000 stock rims with no issues. Before I buy from tire rack the ones in the link below, someone please confirm foe me this will fit with no rubbing and with the wheel skirts on. Thank you...
  10. Help getting new tires?

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    I have a 2000 Insight, and am in need of new tires. I've read through so many of the tire articles in the forum, and the concensus seems to be the OEM Bridgestone RE92's. However, I can't find them anywhere. The are aparently no longer made, and no one has them in stock. A) Does anyone know...
  11. FS: OEM tires and OEM rims from a 2001 Insight (Kitchener, ON)

    Buy/Sell Insight-Related Items
    I am looking to sell 4 OEM tires on OEM rims from my 2001 Honda Insight, which I bought new in 2001. The tires have 6/32" tread left. These are in good condition--driven about 45,000 km, mostly in summer. During most winters, the OEMs were stowed in my apartment or garage. I'm asking $80 for...
  12. Propensity for flat tires in the rear

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    Would you believe that as a young auto mechanic I had the audacity to posit that spare tires carried in automobiles might be relics of a bygone era? Well, I did; and now stand humbly corrected thanks to my Insight. In the 35k miles I've driven my 2000 Insight, I've had two blowouts and several...
  13. QUICK, Should I buy this insight this week?

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    I am looking at this 2000 insight it's a manual with 150k. The battery is showing signs of going out and he said that he took it to the dealership but he doesnt believe it is still covered under warranty and they gave him a quote of $2500 to change it. I know I could change the battery...
  14. Help with tires, please

    Honda Insight Forum 2nd-Gen Discussion
    Hi guys! It's been a while since I've posted here- and I'm sure this has been asked/anwered before but I can't seem to find it. My tires are nearly bald and winter is coming to Colorado so I suppose I should search for tires. What do you guys suggest? My biggest concern is of course...
  15. Time for new tires, and I am on the fence. OEM RE92's vs. ?????

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    I want to retain the high MPG capability of the car, but am not impressed with the performance/longevity of the Bridgestone RE92's. I have read some threads in the forum about other members having mixed reviews about switching from the OEM tires. Now being that the RE92's are just about the...
  16. Bridgestones $97/ea - Good Price or Not?

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    I needed new tires anyway, but this morning I hit a curb and blew out the front left. I put on the compact spare and went to the local tire place that had installed them a few years ago. They quoted me $97/ea, with both fronts the total will run about $250. They're ordering the tires now. I...
  17. 2010 EX tires

    Modifications and Technical Discussions
    New 2010 Insight Owner. First a few items... 1. Everyone on this site is one of the reasons I bought an Insight and am I happy I did;) 2. My car has 36k, when I bought it 2 weeks ago. MID said 42mpg. After 2 weeks of 80% highway miles, this tank is at 55mpg on MID 3. I am setting cruise on...
  18. Re 92's back in stock and on sale

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    I called Bridgestone today and the RE 92's are available again through Costco, and they go on sale starting Monday March 5th. The price per tire is $90.99 each. Four installed tax and everything works out to $ 459; minus $70 off, which makes the out the door price $389 total. Get 'em while...
  19. New Insight Owner

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    I Just bought a 2000 silver MT with 79,500 miles on it. Today is day 3 and I am running 55.4 MPG so far. I love the auto stop. I have Michelin Energy Saver Green X tires on the front (165/65R14) and the correct Potenza RE92's on the rear. The front tires look new and the rear ones have some life...
  20. 195/60R15 on Stock Steel Rims

    Modifications and Technical Discussions
    I was thinking of doing a plus zero upgrade on tires and was wondering if anyone else had tried 195/60-15's on the stock steel rims ... do the tires fit on the rims comfortably? do they fit inside the wells without any rubbing under hard cornering? any other info that may be relevant for this...