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  1. Bumblebee warranty replacement experiences?

    Bumblebee Batteries
    Edit - Got a hold of Eli. They've had some staffing change-ups but are getting caught back up with communications and orders and are fully standing behind all warranties. So it seems just a temporary communication issue but not any significant problem with actually getting the warranty...
  2. Hybrid Revolt battery quality issues

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    I purchased a First Gen MT Honda Insight with a Hybrid Revolt battery that had been purchased on 9-25-2013, and the IMA battery light come on 3 months prior to the warranty expiring, so I contacted Matt, and he sent me a replacement. I asked him if the replacement was of the same quality as the...
  3. NEED ADVICE: 2010 battery failure with 60k miles, void warrenty

    Troubleshooting and Problems
    Hi fellow Insight owners, I'm glad to be a part of this forum! I just bought an insight 2 months ago, and I wish my first post was on a happier subject. So I bought the 2010 LX 2 months ago with a little under 60k miles, and recently the IMA light and check engine light came on. The...
  4. 1st Generation Winter Storage Tips/IMA Battery

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    Can anyone offer me a few tips on parking my 2006 Insight for the winter? (Too much snow in this area for winter driving.) It will not be garaged, but will be protected with a heavy winter car cover. If anyone has a tip or two, it would be greatly appreciated! What should be done to winterize...
  5. 12 battery almost dead; larger=warranty issue?

    Troubleshooting and Problems
    My 2010 Honda Insight has 38k miles, and has had the IMA light come one twice then off. Codes were p0562 and p1448. Voltage reads as low with the ignition on; 11 point something. p0562 is described as "voltage low". When driving, the car will always regen uphill, and does not assist as long as...
  6. Question regarding maintenance under warranty

    Honda Insight Forum 2nd-Gen Discussion
    I own a 2012 I2 that is still under manufacturer's warranty. Over and above, I have Honda Care Coverage as well. I am coming close to a maintenance minder and my questions are as follows: 1. Do I have to go to a de(Ste)alership for maintenance to avoid voiding of my warranty? 2. If I do not go...
  7. IMA battery replacement on 2002? Cost?

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    I'm driving a 2002 Insight, and my original IMA battery died about three years ago; Honda replaced it the next day at no cost. Last week, it started to die again: my IMA light came on, and the car started to stall. Honda says that the new battery's not under warranty (since I'm past the 8/80k...
  8. Buying a used insight?

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    Hello all -- I'm a prospective insight buyer who has been viewing the site for a while now and benefiting from everyone's discussions. So I thought I'd register and start my own. I've been looking at insights for a few weeks, and recently I found a beautiful insight. 2005, MT, 88k miles...
  9. IMA Battery & Module Warranty

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    I recently took my 02 Insight to the dealer after the IMA and check engine lights came on and the assist completely stopped working. Only previous sign of a problem was the IMA light came on 2 weeks ago for a day, then went off. After a $95 diagnostic fee, I was told the battery needed...
  10. Anybody replaced IMA battery w/o BCM-MCM or have TSB 3/16/11

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    I need an IMA battery for my 2000 M/T, light went on with code 1447. 1.Does anybody know the verbage or can post the Technical Service Bulletin from 3/16/11 (either 04-028 or 06-057) to address whether the battery can be replaced without replacing the MCM and BCM?? 2.Can somebody confirm the...
  11. Need part numbers for 2000 M/T IMA battery BCM MCM

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    Can anyone provide the part numbers I need to price Honda replacement of the IMA battery BCM and MCB for my 2000 M/T Insight? Since I will not do the repair myself I may be at the mercy of dealer prices. I had one battery replaced but the part numbers do not seem right according to the...
  12. IMA light/ P1447 warranty and costs

    Problems and Troubleshooting
    1.Does anyone know if the warranty for a 2000 MT Insight has been extended beyond 150,000 since Service Bulletin TSB 06-057 came out? 2. Where can you find service bulletins?? I called Honda customer service and they will not release it to owners, only dealers. 3. Anybody have an idea what...
  13. How many batteries has your Insight had?

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    My IMA light came on again yesterday and after taking it into the dealer it is confirmed I am going to be getting my 2nd IMA Hybrid battery module replaced - luckily under warranty again. 2002 Honda Insight purchased in January of 2002 - Austin, TX 7/3/08 - 76,780 miles Codes: P1447 & P1647...
  14. Am I covered under warranty?

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    2001 Insight, originally purchased 5/13/2001 in New Mexico. I got it in 2004, and it is now registered in Washington state. 92k miles. In 2008 the IMA light went on (codes P1601 & P1447), and dealer fixed it under warranty. I am getting P1600, P1447 and P1449 codes. Dealer in Everett WA says...
  15. Does a hitch cargo carrier void warranty?

    Honda Insight Forum 2nd-Gen Discussion
    I know that towing voids the warranty. But, does anyone know if it's ok to to use a hitch-based cargo carrier? They make a class 1 hitch for the 2010 Insight: Curt Trailer Hitch for Honda Insight 2010 - 11051 and there's a cargo carrier that fits it: 20x48 Cargo Carrier Fits 1-1/4" Trailer...
  16. Extended Warranty

    Honda Insight Forum 2nd-Gen Discussion
    I bought a 2011 Insight EX yesterday and got talked into buying an additional Honda Care Protection Plan. It basically adds 5 years to the 3-year bumper to bumper warranty ($100 deductible per incident) as well as gap coverage in case the car is totaled. I'm wondering if anyone else has done...
  17. Powertrain/CVT Transmission Warranty?

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    Hi. I was curious as to the amount of powertrain warranty available for first-gen CVT Insights? I thought it was 7 years/100,000 miles, but I wanted to get confirmation before I possibly purchase an '03 Insight locally with 65Kish miles. Thanks in advance!