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wheel cover

  1. Insight Rear Wheel Covers stolen

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    Hello I was wondering if anyone has a pair of oxygen blue metallic Insight wheel covers for sale as my Insight was stolen. Thankfully it was returned, but without them. kind regards James
  2. Need Driver Side Wheel Skirt(color irrelevant)

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    [email protected] Gil 424 264 4011
  3. Need wheel cover-blue

    Honda Insight Forum 1st-Gen Discussion
    Hello, I'm looking for a replacement for the driver's side rear wheel cover for my blue 2003 Insight. I've seen posts here in the past where older Insights were sold for parts. Any leads where I might be able to find this replacement? I'm assuming not from Honda itself? thank you!:-?
  4. where is the best place to look for hubcap / wheel cover?

    Honda Insight Forum 2nd-Gen Discussion
    Does anybody know of honda specific salvage yards or another good source for used 2nd gen Insight parts? I lost a hubcap from a '12 insight and I have not found any used ones online. Maybe someone on here has one they are not using? Thanks.