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    SOLD Hey, I have a 2001 Honda Insight with a manual transmission. Thanks for looking!
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    First Gen Insight Snow Tires on Rims near Madison, Wisconsin Set of four tires and rims, ready for snow. Rims are 14x6 with +38 Offset 185/60R14 Firestone Winterforce Snow Tires $300 obo They were on my 2001 Insight for a season. Of all of the snow tires I have used, I've had the most success...
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    I have one new Insight Bridgestone Potenza tire. P165/65R14 This was bought from TireRack a while ago and was never installed. Located in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin $20 or a six pack and it's yours.
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    2000 Honda Insight with 141,XXX miles. I bought the car two years ago from a dealer in Ohio. It has ran well since that time. All maintenance has been performed on schedule. The car was in an accident before I bought it and was repaired by a shop in Ohio. It does have a salvage title. The...
1-4 of 4 Results