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  1. Have $ - Want to buy 1st Gen Manual

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    Hi -- Had a 2000 with problems. Now looking for stock, GOOD QUALITY 1st gen, 5spd, AC. Not looking to do much work to it. Low miles and everything operational and newer IMA. In Florida. Will fly reasonable distance. Reply to [email protected] Will pay premium $ for premium car.
  2. Selling 2004 Insight CVT

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    Hi, I am selling my 2004 Red CVT with 107,000 miles, new rear shocks with 2" drop, satin black roof wrap, and charger, discharger. Im going to post it to ebay soon but wanted to share here first with my fellow Insighters. Unable to post pic yet but will post ebay link soon. Battery ~6 years...
  3. WTB 2003 Insight Wheel

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    Hi, I need one 2003 insight wheel, not the spare the regular wheel. I am in Sedona, AZ, 86336. I would like a nice wheel no curb rash, I already have one with lots of curb rash. Thanks!
  4. WTB 2000 insight Right Door, silver

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    Right door, silver, only metal is needed (glass, etc. is still good)
  5. WTB G1 Insight Front End - Silverstone

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    I need several Front End parts: Front Bumper Assembly with Beams Hood with Latch and Emblem Front Bulkhead Assembly with Hood Latch A/C Condenser Radiator with both Fan Shrouds and Motors Both Headlight Assemblies Both Front Fenders
  6. Looking to buy 2000 or later MT

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    Hey everyone, new guy here. I've been very interested in 1st gen Insights for a while and have been reading everything about these cars here on your forum lately (thanks to all you guys and your knowledge). Anyways, I'm currently looking for a decent 2000 and later insight MT preferrably in the...
  7. WTB Gen1 Insight with A/T

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    Hello, I am new to the forum (this is actually my first post), and I am interested in buying another Gen1 Insight for my girlfriend. I just purchased one and she fell in love lol, so it does have to be an automatic. I would prefer something with 200,000 or less miles, but I'd consider just...
  8. WTB Gen1 Insight M/T

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    Hello All, I am looking to purchase another Gen 1 Insight with a M/T. A car with known bad batteries is even okay as I am confident in working on / changing the batteries. I would consider anything really up to 200,000 miles. Looking for something in the 5k or less especially if it has bad...
  9. WTB 2000 Honda Inisight Floor Mats

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    I am looking to buy a set of floor mats for my 2000 Insight M/T. I would be interested in Grey, Silver, or Black. Respond here or PM me if you have a set you would like to sell. Thank you, -David