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06 Civic Hybrid engine information from Honda -Very refined!

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Wow! It looks like there are enough improvements to consider this a true second generation IMA system. It even has a low speed EV mode!

Honda Announces Development of New Honda Hybrid System Featuring 3-Stage i-VTEC + IMA

Almost 10 minute movie demonstrating the new engine

Simply beautiful, what an advanced engine/motor package.

How well will it hypermile though? :)
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The new Civic IMA engine sounds great - more performance from a 1.4 litre block (115bhp / 123lb torque) but with a 5 MPG improvement over the existing model. Would that beat the Prius on economy?

Another link: ... s_id=12579
Honda UK link about both the new 1.8 VTEC and IMA engines with good technical detail on a HTML page:
Good post Enders. The only slight inaccuracy was that the Insight was sold in Germany and England for one year only. The Insight was sold in the UK from 2000 to 2005 (don't know about Germany).
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