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06 Civic Hybrid engine information from Honda -Very refined!

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Wow! It looks like there are enough improvements to consider this a true second generation IMA system. It even has a low speed EV mode!

Honda Announces Development of New Honda Hybrid System Featuring 3-Stage i-VTEC + IMA

Almost 10 minute movie demonstrating the new engine

Simply beautiful, what an advanced engine/motor package.

How well will it hypermile though? :)
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I was impressed too, but AutoWeek probably got it wrong. :( The official news from the Honda site is that the 2006 engine is 20% more powerful and 5% more efficient. The regen mode is 10% more efficient. The CD factor is better too. The rated fuel efficiency of the new Civic will certainly be better than a 5% improvement (as the factors add)but probably less than a 20% improvement.
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