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06 Civic Hybrid engine information from Honda -Very refined!

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Wow! It looks like there are enough improvements to consider this a true second generation IMA system. It even has a low speed EV mode!

Honda Announces Development of New Honda Hybrid System Featuring 3-Stage i-VTEC + IMA

Almost 10 minute movie demonstrating the new engine

Simply beautiful, what an advanced engine/motor package.

How well will it hypermile though? :)
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Re: 06 Civic Hybrid engine information from Honda -Very refi

Armin said:
Romir said:
I wish they were as careful selecting technology for their press releases as they are using it in their vehicles. Flash just sucks for streaming video. Couldn't they have used Quicktime? Or Realplayer or even (shudder) M$MediaPlayer?
LOL...I was thinking the exact same thing when I was attempting to watch that sad excuse for an amazing video.
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