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0W 20 synthetic in Canada

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Anyone here know where I can buy synthetic ow 20 in Canada... I've gone to the Walmart's and not seen it there... anyone know?

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these are synthetics right guys? Not regular.... funny I've been to Can tire many times and never seen synthetic 0w20 oil at all this thanks for the website I'll take a gander there!

I would not use 5w 20 oil in my car...
Well Can Tire indeed does carry it 7.99 a bottle however Guillermo your store is 7.45 however they make you buy a pack of 6 can't buy then individually.

Our cars only need 4 bottles yes? Lastly you know what I forgot to ask what about filters? Can we get filters for our cars common place here?

Hi Mike your using 0w 30 in your car? I wonder if that would affect fuel mileage?
hmmm.... not bad I must say.... however over there in Vancouver I know your winters are no where near as bad as ours.... in really cold weather it might make a difference... for you probably not...
Never heard of part source... I'd also consider the source... how can they get more etc.. if moblil 1 has stopped making the stuff?
well if they have some I'm happy for you...

are you talking Victoria BC? lol.... that's not a trip for me that would be an expidition... I'm in Toronto
1 - 9 of 20 Posts
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