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1 million mile goal, no more

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Was trying to hit the 1 Million mile record but not going to make it anymore on the original engine! Burnt a valve at 680k but still had 70-90psi compression cylinder 3. But this time #2 cylinder no compression. Plug was oil fouled, start smoking at warm up in the morning about 6 months ago. That might of been a sign. Plan to drop in the spare CVT motor in it
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Why not just fix the head? I burned a valve at 471K and that’s what I’m going to do. Then when it gets to 500K and beyond it’ll have the original engine. I have a good engine I could swap in but I’m not going to.
yeah I say you should fix your head as well!

What a truly amazing little engine.... It's gotta be one of the most long lasting engines ever
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