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12V Starter and now A/C does not cool

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I have a 2000 with 19K miles on it. It was the dealer's show car, they showed it off at shopping malls, universities, etc. That is why it does not have many miles. Last week the IMA light came on and the dealer read code P1447. So I am now waiting for a new Battery, MCM and BCM.
This morning it started with the 12V starter and now the A/C does not cool. Would the operation of the A/C compressor have to do with the failure of the 144V battery?
During my trip to work (aprox. 30 miles), there was the usual morning battery level drop and force charge, that has been going on since I bought the car 3 weeks ago. After a couple of miles, the battery charged and the assit worked fine, but the A/C did not cool.
Thanks in advance.
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Problem resolved! :D
I tried to verify what was going on yesterday, and to my surprise the compressor started and the A/C is back to normal.
My guess is that the A/C compressor must have a trip mechanism that does not allow for it to start if the 144V battery is almost dead. Does anyone have the electrical troubleshooting manual that can verify this?
Another 2000 bites the dust

Howdy, and welcome to the place!

Yet another 2000 to add to the stats! Mine failed too, but at 104,000 and No Warranty, (but a free fix done anyhow!)

Yeah, when the 144v pack is too low to kick it over, the 12v back up starter gets you going. And likely the same voltage levels may restrict AC usage until / if it gets back up to a useable level. I don't know at what point you could get stranded, but I was sweating it for the drive back to the dealer I got mine from, the first day I had it!

Perhaps yours built back enough reserve to come back on.

You got a sweet deal, such low miles and a nice fresh IMA pack, too! 8)
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