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1991 ABC News - experimental hi mileage Hondas, others

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ABC's "World News Now", their overnight news program, runs a feature called "video vault" in which they show some old and intersting footage.

A couple of days ago they found a Nightline clip from 1991 showing how the Japanese were pushing auto mileage figures - including an experimental Honda that got... 100 mpg...

Nifty little two seater. Looks pretty familiar. And when you figure that the claimed mileage was in the lab... the 70 plus we routinely get on the highways in the real world in a production car show how they brought it out for us to play with.

I've put a copy of the video at: ...

It's an 11 meg "QuickTime" file. If you need the QT viewer, it's a free download for Apples and most other common and not quite so common systems, by going to: