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Hello! Some of you remember Stephen - he had his IMA battery pack unplugged from the BCM almost 2 yrs ago. It's now time for me to sell the car, sadly. He stopped charging the 12V battery, and i'm not willing to replace the IMA, so...

I have the CARFAX report for the car; i'll send it to you upon request but i've attached the VIN photo anyway. I'll let you know everything i know about him (in nauseating detail) if you want.

For now here's the abbreviated version:
2003 manual transmission
BCM/IMA disconnected since 11/2014
mileage: 197K
mpg (now, no IMA) ~ 40 mpg
(prev, with IMA) ~ 50 mpg
ltmpg = 46
current location: New Orleans, LA

I've maintained the car regularly. It does need some other repairs soon-ish:
- needs new muffler (its *noisy* at the moment)
- needs new cat converters soon (thats what they said at the dealership 2yrs ago so)

In addition there are a couple of annoying-ish cosmetic items: there are two leaky spots where water gets in the car when it's raining heavily. Passenger seat belt gets wet inside the wall column (unpleasant surprise for your passenger) and the passenger side near the side rear window in the trunk area has a leak as well - nothing that creates a puddle, but enough that its damp.

Photos, attached! Price, negotiable!



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