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Can anyone offer me a few tips on parking my 2006 Insight for the winter? (Too much snow in this area for winter driving.) It will not be garaged, but will be protected with a heavy winter car cover. If anyone has a tip or two, it would be greatly appreciated!
What should be done to winterize my Insight if not driving it for several months, ensuring proper care of IMA battery and tires? What are things to watch for regarding my IMA battery, and tips for extending the life of my three year old warranty provided battery?

Oh, and BTW, there is a Red 1st Gen Insight for sale in Clearfield, Pa. at 879 Auto Sales, if anyone is interested!

Thank you!

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Buy a IMA battery grid charger to use when it comes out of hibernation in the spring.
Plug it in for 24hrs the day before you want to use it for the first time.

Leave the handbrake off.

Roll it a few feet backwards or forwards every month to avoid tyre flatspots.
Make sure the tyres are pumped upto 45 pounds or so.

Disconnect the 12v battery. Give it a gentle charge just before you reconnect it in the spring.

Make sure all the fluids are upto strength with antifreeze etc.,
Squirt wd40 or light oil into the door locks/hinges.

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A couple of weeks ago, I placed my Insight in winter storage just as I have done since 2009. I have always done as retepsnikrep recommended except that I lift my Insight onto jack stands to prevent tire flat spotting, and I don't lubricate door hinges, etc., because my car is stored in a closed garage out of the elements.

I change the engine oil immediately before storing my Insight so that old, possibly somewhat acidic oil doesn't lie in the engine for months.

I also remove the three wiper blades so that they aren't pressed in the same position for months. I have no idea whether this extends their lives.

Balance charging with a grid charger is absolutely necessary if you don't want to shorten the life of your battery pack. Other than preventing coolant and windshield washer fluid from freezing, balance charging is probably the most important step.
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