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1st timer wants to get her mileage up!

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hi all,

i would love to get my gas mileage up in my 2002 automatic insight.

i've had tessieblue from her beginning. i've just passed 20,000 miles. i mostly do san francisco city driving which is quite hilly. i probably aveage in the hgih 40s in the city, and in the high 50s on the highway. my highway driving lets say averages around 65mph. i am amazed when people say they get 70+mpg on average in their insights! what am i doing wrong? what can i do to go right?!

my questions are: are the hills of sf that keep me low? am i driving too fast on the highway? is it b/c she is an automatic that she is low--that stick shifts get more? is tire pressure that important? what is the best inflation to have our tires at? how often do you fill your tires? i bought the car in southern california and drove her up to SF (i recommend that to all northern california people, by the way, as i paid $3,000 less down in LA then what they were charging up here. that was in 2002, but it might still be the same.) but i wonder did that first road trip do her in? i've heard you are not supposed to go over 55mph on a new engine, and i did my best to stay down there but did go up without intending to... ;)

finally, i've jsut heard that the toyota prius will go fully electric on the highway when you drive a constant speed and on flat terraine. will ours do that too? mine has not done that yet.

any articles on tips for better gas milage would be so apprieciated. thanks fellow hybrid folks!
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I think your mpg is pretty good considering that you commute in SF, CA!

I can't imagine driving in SF & getting 70mpg. That would be insanity!

Just check your tire pressure often, and enjoy the drive! :)
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