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2 Dilbert problems but I'm figuring it out

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Well I posted earlier about issues I was having with the IMA doing 2 recalibrations everyday. After reading the advice and going thru the temperature related issues it got me started thing about how much heat is generated with the charge/discharge in the batteries. On one of the trips home I did note that after the second recal that it would not give much boost and the regenerative charge that I would usually get a maximum only have about 4 or 5 bars.

So on the ride home today I started thinking about adding some fans to get some extra cooling air back there. While driving I reacher my hand back and was feeling for a grill for an air intake and I find this grill on the passenger side with a napkin stuck to it blocking air flow. Well after removing that and feeling a good flow of air I found that the IMA assist is working way better.

On another note I had just gotten this car delivered from the east coast and after driving it around town a little and getting it registered I'm finally ready to do my first commute to work. Get out the door at 4:45 am get in the car and it wont start, wtf? after trying everything I actually push-start it and off to work I go. Get to work early so I can get an access decal issued and need to wait 30 minutes so I shut it off, it still wont start. Now I have my car 68 miles from home and I'm thinking this is just great. I get out and start looking at everything and find nothing wrong, now pissed off in a bad way I try it again but this time I push real hard on the clutch and it starts! On closer inspection I realize that the previous owner had these generic carpet floor mats and in getting in and out I had inadvertantly pushed it up and it was not letting me push the clutch in far enough to close the switch, DOH!
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Been there. Done that.

Every so often my generic mats slip up just a little too high, preventing the clutch from fully engaging. Not good.

I really should put down some of that "webbing" that prevents carpets fom sliding...or stop being so cheap and get a better set of car mats.
A member from Phoenix did a improved IMA battery cooling mod last fall. Cheap, easy and confirmed results: ... php?t=2020

and it looks like Dennis's how to pic's are still available here:

HTH! :)
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I had been averaging a recal one a week and now have reduced it to about every 2 weeks by driving with the headlights on.
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