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2 months & luvin' it

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Proud owner of 2006 MT Insight, the Power Puff, with an update on my insightful experience. I posted a message a couple of weeks ago about check engine light, code P2610. Since then everything is fine, no recurrance of problem...or glitch...the dealer found no reason for the light to have come on in the first place.
My current overall milage averages about 54 mpg. Mostly town and stop & go stuff. I am not the most careful driver and haven't gotten around to pumping up the tires yet. Also I installed a front license plate holder for my Nittany Divers SCUBA diving tag. The red & white diver down flag with the PSU Nittany Lion face looks really cool on the shiny red MT. Worth the reduction in milage? Yeah! My only other addition is a sticker on the back that says City 60/Highway 66. :D
I was sitting in a parking lot last week, of course my Insight engine was off, but next to me was a Cadillac Escalade with engine running. Mamma Warbucks was waiting for her daughter at lacross practice. Must just like to burn gas :?: What do those things get anyway...14 gallons per mile :badgrin: Oops, I mean 14 mpg. Thats about 0.07 gallons per mile for the Escalade.
The Insight gets about 0.015 gpm. Just another way of looking at things.
Anyway...Help save the Planet BUY AN INSIGHT.
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