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2001 and 2002 Silver CVTs located in Lock Haven, PA, 17745.

The 2002 has the dreaded flywheel spline issue but the engine and motor run well, has a wonderful upgraded sound system, the pull and release oil plug, grid charger wired, New 12 volt battery, oil changes done with Amsoil when the light came on (previous owner did it every 3000 miles), monthly grid charging. It has 212,749 miles. Tires are good. I'm looking for $750.

The 2001 still runs and has 330,000 miles on it but it hasn't been driven in a while. At 149,000 miles, a warranty 144v battery replacement was done. It is also grid charger ready. $750 for this.

I'm throwing in the grid charger if you take both cars. $1500 (Grid charging has always turned off the IMA light on the dash for both cars.)
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