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2000 AC compressor repair

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Thanks for this resource. I just got a call from our dealer that the air conditioner compressor, clutch and coil all need to be replaced on my 2000 Insight (61,000 miles.) The estimate for repair is $1,214. The car is at the dealership for the 60,000 service ($409.) Although I live in Florida I am holding off on the AC for now in the hopes there may be a less expensive option for fixing it. Does anyone have any advice on whether a traditional AC repair shop could handle the Insight unit? For that price it seems I should be able to replace the whole thing!?!
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Hi babny and welcome to the forum:!:
(sorry about the delay in reply)

Usually when this level of damage has occured to an A/C compressor your almost replacing the "entire" thing since metal fragments will likely have been circulated through the system. Check your estimate more closely. The expansion valve and receiver/ dryer will likely also need replacement along with flushing the lines, evaporator and condenser.

And since this is a "common" belt driven A/C system I don't see why a competent A/C specialty shop wouldn't be up to the task.

HTH! :)
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