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2000 Citrus, manual transmission, 289K miles
Driven daily until recently

The good:
Citrus - With both fender flares!
Original owner, full service records, title
Includes installed Prolong Battery Charger
Includes new Honda replacement hinges for driver door
Bridgestone Potenza tires replaced 5/2018
Rear brake drums sanded & adjusted 1/2018
Exhaust flanges failed, weld-repaired 10/2017
Front brake rotors, pads, and left caliper replaced 1/2017
Passenger side axle, driveshaft assembly replaced 1/2014
Exhaust manifold studs and gasket replaced 1/2013
ECM replaced under factory recall 8/2011
Front hood latch and cable replaced 1/2011
Rear latch replaced 2/2011
MDM and IMA battery replaced 7/2009
IMA battery replaced 11/2007
Clutch inner joint & boot replaced 7/2006
Engine replaced 4/2006
ECM replaced under Honda update 2/2003
ECM replaced under Honda recall 2/2002

The bad:
Starts right up but not safe to drive - brakes do not respond to pedal – presume brake lines rusted but not certain
Driver door has hyper-extended hinges with resulting damage to door metal & front quarter panel
Synchro grinds in 1st and 2nd gear
AC operates but does not hold charge
Ground strap rusted
Paint scrapes on driver door, bumper, etc
Driver side A-pillar exterior trim missing
Under body shields removed
Steering wheel & drivers side carpet pretty shabby

Really have loved this car and hope to find someone that will want it, either to repair or use as a parts car. Will need to be towed so accepting offers. Thanks!


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