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2000 Citrus - South Burlington, VT - $4900

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@veggie_vehicle is selling his 2000 Citrus for $4900. I'm sharing it here as he's local and it's in decent shape. 230K miles, two owners AFAIK. VIN JHMZE1359YT001159.

Listing: Facebook လောဂ်အင်ဝင်ရန်

Great little car. Will miss it. I moved up to an EV. Selling my old cars. Clutch great, transmission works well, no leaks, doesn’t burn or loose oil, changed filter and oil every 5k miles, comes with trickle charger, extra set of wheels, everything’s works, I get 50-53 mpg in winter and 57-60 in summer. Lifetime mpg 53.5 Newish struts in front. Ask if you have questions about the car.
I went to go see the car, and am attaching some extra photos. To note:

  • The car spent most of its life in VA
  • It has been fluid filmed while in VT, but this has not stopped some brake-line breakdown on the interior portions of the engine bay where fluid-film was not applied -- see photos. Most of the nylon liner on brake/fuel lines is intact.
  • Engine idles nicely.
  • There was historically a driver's side roof leak, but it's since been fixed -- seatbelt was dry despite the recent rain (mine was wet when I drove in ;P)
  • (Corresponding corrosion on the driver's side seat mount that was absent from the passenger's)
  • IMA works, no lights -- the Facebook listing has photos of @veggie_vehicle puling the SoC down.


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Some slight cosmetic damage above the passenger's side spat. Basically all of the rest of the body is clean.
Oh, it comes with a spare set of wheels. He has his winters on, but stored in the back are QTY4 wheels with QTY2 Vredestein Quatrac 5's and QTY2 Potenza RE92's on them -- and they're basically all new. Those alone are worth $600 together :^)
Finally, someone really needs to pull the seat covers and throw them through the wash. They're in fine physical condition, they're just a bit stained.
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