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I've been dealing with my 2000 Honda Insight for awhile and am no longer willing to try to DIY battery problems. I'm selling the whole car + battery accessories I have. The car's story:
2014: Bought in 2014(?) from someone who took great care of it. He was the first owner and drove it very little (about 75,000 miles on it at the time I think), hence the battery was throwing trouble codes.
2015: Shortly after buying the car had a slight fender bender with tow-hitch where the hood and radiator got a little bent. Hood still latches and have not had any overheating problems.
2015: Got a second used battery from a nearby Insight reseller, and a recharger from Hybrid Automotive. Recharged the used battery and drove on that for awhile.
2017: The transmission went bad and I opted to replace the master and slave cylinder as a temporary fix because it was cheaper. The tranmission improved some, but is still a little tight.
2017: Hybrid battery went bad again so I Frankensteined a battery out of the 2 batteries I had. I charged each battery then monitored the rate of drop in voltage and the bottom-out voltage of each stick after being charged. I have a spreadsheet with the numbers. At this point you might have noticed I am not a trained electrician by any means.
2017: I needed to get passed emissions and the catalytic converter was not doing it's job so I rigged 2 spark plug non-foulers together and passed emissions. I later bought the catalytic converter and have not installed it because of stuck bolts. At this point I also wrapped a strand of 22 gauge wire around the seat belt light because the bulb was out, and disconnected the connector under the seat.
2017: The battery light and brake light started to come on together, and the car eventually started to just die. So I replaced the bulb for the seat belt. Realized the ground straps had been horribly corroded and replaced them with 8 gauge straps. I recharged the hybrid battery and put it back in but the hybrid battery failed again. The AC/DC recharge seems to be working after the straps were replaced though. Sorry about the upside down photo.

I am willing to sell this car to the highest bidder. I would like to get rid of it ASAP. I'm located in Laurel, MD. What you get:
The car
Both hybrid batteries (only one junction board)
Hybrid automotive grid charger
Extra fuse for when charging out of the car to jump between cells 7 & 8
Car cover
Repair manual


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Is the car able to drive in it's current condition? Could you possible post better pictures?
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