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2000 Honda Insight -
pictures from tonight: google photos link
120,000 miles
5 speed manual transmission
Rebuilt Title. I have all documentation including photographs from rebuild due to deer strike: new hood, headlights, & core support.
Exhaust is loose and could use some work, parts included.
Bumblebee replacement hybrid battery from summer 2014.
Hybrid Automotive grid charger with discharge harness.
IMA light has been coming on frequently. I use a switch to keep the hybrid system disabled most of the time.
Gaz rear shocks and Matiz rear springs.
OEM wheels with old LRR tires
Extra set of rear wheel covers (spats).
Some other suspension parts that I haven't yet messed with; complete cvt struts, civic si front springs that may or may not work, corolla rear sway bar, etc.
JVC CD player, replacement door speakers.

$1200 obo.

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Please include your Location in your Profile, as ALL G1 Insighters have done.
Thank You.
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